About Us

Bin Donated is non-profit (501c3) social enterprise that focuses on helping other non-profits reduce program costs.

Bin Donated partners with Chicago hotels, residential and commercial buildings, businesses and foundations, to collect and distribute in-kind donations for local non-profits.  From hygiene products, books, school supplies, winter coats, toys among other valuable items that would have been thrown away, Bin Donated helps other organizations put them to good use.  By enabling the reuse of items, Bin Donated helps sustain our environment as well as save operating costs for area non-profits. 


Heard of a Win-Win-Win Model?

Everyone is talking about the triple bottom line: environmental, economic and social well being. Bin Donated’s unique model addresses all three objectives.

Environmental: We collect and distribute thousands of pounds of items for reuse. These essential commodities get a second life at non-profits and are diverted from landfills.

Economic: Non-profits get everyday products that they would normally pay for, at no cost. This frees up thousands of dollars for their social mission. Our donation partners get big points for caring for the environment, doing good and engaging communities!

Social: By helping non-profits save money we are indirectly assisting many more underprivileged communities get help they need, through expanded social reach and agenda.

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We are Easy, Effective and Efficient.


The idea is simple. Working with our partners, we place Bin Donated bins in high traffic and high visible locations making it easy for them to give.  Learn more about How It Works »


Not every shelter, community outreach center or nonprofit in Chicago has the capability to have its own driver, its own truck, or even its own donation drive. Bin Donated creates efficiencies in the system, for these organizations by providing them with free essential items with no logistical costs or nightmare. We help them strrrreeeechhhh their resources which includes dollars and valuable time!


We organize strategic donation drives so the do-gooders only receive what they need. So a homeless shelter doesn’t receive 282 pounds of pet supplies or a food bank isn’t staring at 1500 pounds of school supplies! You get the idea.

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