Bin Donated's mission is to connect our Chicago based donation partners to local non-profit partners, channeling donated goods for the communities they serve. Using the principles of sustainability and the triple bottom line, Bin Donated is committed to helping charitable organizations increase operational capacity and deliver a higher impact mission at a lower cost.

We Believe That

By enabling individuals and business to donate used in-kind goods with ease, inspires a community focused on improving the lives of others while helping the environment.

By increasing capacity and reducing operating costs for charitable organizations, higher value programs can be delivered to more people in need.

"Middle Man for Good"

Bin Donated realizes that people and communities have good intentions and want to donate in-kind items to charities regularly. We want to make this as easy as possible. Bin Donated bridges the logistical gap between the donor and the charities they love by facilitating introductions that lead to donations.

Non-profits are limited by their resources- financial, manpower and distribution capabilities. Organizing in-kind donation drives are costly, time consuming and may not result in enough quality items to satisfy program needs. On the flip side, a charity might receive a large in-kind donation that they can't transport, warehouse or distribute in a timely fashion creating waste and unintended financial burden.

Bin Donated provides “All of the Above” Solution

Bin Donated provides a collection and distribution service that solves all these problems for local charities. We make it easy for anyone to donate everyday items on a monthly basis. Our bins are always collecting a different item and we continue to work with local companies to receive large shipments of items for distribution.

To date, we have collected and distributed over 100,000 lbs of items worth in excess of $1 Million through our collection network, to our partner charities.

Supporting Bin Donated is a simple and an extremely effective way to make a direct impact in thousands of people's lives!

Please take a moment and consider supporting Bin Donated today by:

Hosting a Bin,

Volunteering Your Time,

Suggesting a Charity or

Donating Money to Support Bin Donated


Thank you for your support.

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