Race for Free!

If you join TEAM BIN DONATED all you have to do is to raise $250 and we will reimburse your race registration fee up to $50! It’s just that simple. You pick the race, sign-up on Benefits of Giving and get your friends and family to support your run. Not only will you have fun running the race but you will also be supporting the community at the same time!

For every $1 you raise for Bin Donated will be able to provide over $4 worth of in-kind donation items like food, hygiene products, books and back to school supplies to our more than 60 local Partner Charities! 

By participating in any event as part of Team Bin Donated, you are helping Bin Donated achieve its mission: to be recognized as a market leader in connecting individuals and businesses thru transporting their donated goods to the local charities they love.

Using the principles of sustainability (reduce, reuse and recycle), Bin Donated is committed to collaborating with charitable organizations helping them to more effectively deliver greater impact and fulfill their missions at a lower cost.


We’ve made it simple to raise funds quickly and easily for us.

  1. Go to Bin Donated nonprofit page on BenefitsOfGiving.com -  http://benefitsofgiving.com/nonprofit/bin_donated
  2. Click "Get Started" and then create an account (You will then be asked provide pertinent details about yourself to register with Benefits of Giving)
  3. Select or name an event
  4. Choose a web address

(ex: www.benefitsofgiving.com/pages/YOURNAME)

  1. Customize your web page for what's important to you and your personal fundraising goal
  2. Once you are done you can send the link out to your friends, family, colleagues - anyone you think will help you reach your goal.
  3. Put your link in your email signature, Facebook page, Twitter etc.

Run with Team Bin Donated and Race for Free today! You’ll have fun and help thousands of people get the in-kind donations they so desperately need every day.