Our “BinPact”

In a short time, we have achieved an unimaginable result - doing it one Bin at a time.  In little over 2 years, we have collected and distributed over......

100,000 pounds and almost $1 million worth of donations to Chicago area non-profits.

Because our unique model leverages two sides of the equation, those with the demand for these items and those that provide the supply, our impact is magnified.

Non-Profit Partners

Lets talk about the nonprofits with the demand.  Through our wide outreach of nearly 70 nonprofit partners, Bin Donated is impacting a variety of "Causes". Running non-profits effectively and efficiently is no easy task. It requires a serious commitment of time, money and resources. Our donations directly support program needs and reduce operating costs.  So that they, in turn, can help a homeless person get the toiletries for showers, provide books for kids and adults to read, support kids with schools supplies, provide toys for the most needy families during the holidays.  Through our network of partners, we touch tens of thousands in the underprivileged and at-risk communities of Chicago.

Our non-profits include some of the largest most respected organizations to those at who are serving at the grassroots level. For a snapshot of some of the organizations, please visit Non-profit partners.   Our major "Causes" include:

Homelessness: We have supplied over 45,000lbs of hygiene products to homeless shelters, womens and children shelters organizations that are providing shelter and services for those that are homeless or in transient circumstances.   We have also provided over 3000 coats and winter accessories.

Education: We have supplied over 15,000lbs in books and over 1000lbs of school supplies to organizations that provide education, reading and literacy programs. 

Animal Welfare:  We have provided over 1000 linens and other pet supplies for Chicago's animal shelters.

Social Services: We have distributed nearly 5000 toys to bring smiles during the holidays.  We have had select donations of things like 200 brand new tennis shoes to an organization that provides running programs for the underprivileged.  

Donating Partners

Now for our donation partners - the hotels, the companies, residential buildings - the ones that make it possible!  There is "binpact" there as well!

Sustainability: tremendous amount of earth resources goes into making commodities for human consumption. And a large percent of these precious resources end up in the landfill, not even completely utilized. Since 2009, Bin Donated has been committed to diverting these products from landfill and channeling them to underserved communities in need. By reducing waste to landfills, Bin Donated is again feed the positive feedback loop of – lower disposal fees, lower taxes for cleanup and higher tax dollars for meaningful programs.

Community Building:  Working through Bin Donated, companies and individuals are able to donated to multilple organizations and causes. The items we collect are helping to build the at-risk communities, nurture families and support social programs.  Companies, hotels are reinvesting in their local communities.

Engagement:  Research shows people want to work and live in places that care about causes and community. Our partner approach allows companies to engage employees in meaningful ways.  They can donate items, they can volunteer to help sort and distribute. Happy, more satisfied employees means less turnover.   People as well, want to live in places that are responsible about the enviroment and give back. Individuals in our residential building programs love that they are a part of a collective effort to impact a cause.

Bin Donated is helps organizations adopt the triple bottom line model:  our model addresses protecting the environment, social well being and economic prosperity. 


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