Can your organization transform unused commodities into a valuable supply stream for those who need it most?

Is there a sound environmentally or socially responsible way to give reusable items a second life and keep them away from landfills?

The answer is – Yes, you can with one of Bin Donated’s unique people-planet-profit models.

Program Highlights

There are multiple ways that Companies can participate.

Host a Drive: Company hosted drives can choose to collect any items they want. Many choose items that we have previously collected, but some choose to add items that are specific to a charity they want to support. A barrel is placed in your office or across multiple office locations to collect the specific item chosen.

Sponsor a Drive Want to sponsor a drive in a high-foot traffic area instead?  We have over 40 buildings and over 13,000 units we reach out to - its a perfect opportunity to support one of our residential drives and your cause marketing iniatitives.

Engage Employees: Bin Donated provides different ways to engage employees.  The drives provide a way to have employees give back.  We also have loads of volunteering events as well as have a need for those that want to donate professional skills to Bin Donated.

Excess Corporate Assets Program: :  Corporations often are faced with extra product supply due to manufacturing overruns, slight defects, outdated inventory and other excess assets.  Bin Donated helps channel these assets into an environmentally and socially responsible solution. Learn more about our Excess Corporate Asset program.

Why should your Company partner with us?

Demonstrating social and environmental responsibility has repeatedly been shown to improve company reputation, employee satisfaction and customer brand loyalty.

Apart from the unique tripe bottom line benefits, your company will see direct impact from strategic donations, community engagement, meeting environment sustainability goals, social betterment and better value for waste management budgets.

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