Bin Donated leverages our ability to execute large-scale drives to provide turnkey donation drive logistics to institutions like banks and foundations.

Program highlights

Bin Donated currently partners with large institutions like banks to organize large-scale drives across their operations.

Institutions can choose to collect any items you want- items that we have previously collected or something else your chosen charity would like. Want to sponsor a drive in a high-foot traffic area instead?

A barrel is placed in your office or across multiple office locations to collect the specific item chosen.

Bin Donated provides a report to your business on value/pounds of goods donated for internal and external sustainable reporting.

Why should your institution partner with us?

Strategic Donations: Bin Donated can help you align your business goals with a charity in need, creating social responsibility PR opportunities.

Cause Marketing; Through a triple bottom line model, Bin Donated has created a clear cause marketing opportunity for its partners. We offer logo placement in high traffic locations both in residential and commercial settings and marketing via social media channels. Your brand can be associated with clever and responsible waste management and community betterment initiatives.

Leadership: You business, hotel or organization has an opportunity to demonstrate leadership through community engagement, creating lasting brand value and reputation.

Environmental Responsibility: Bin Donated’s model of keeping essential materials in use longer, reducing landfill and material waste is a no-brainer value addition to any sustainability portfolio.

Local Community Betterment: By partnering with Bin Donated your business directly impacts thousands of Chicagoans in underprivileged communities.

Waste Management Budgets: Bin Donated provides all of the above opportunities at budgets comparable to your recycle or waste pick-up services, while delivering so much more bang for your buck!


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