Residential Buildings

Bin Donated has worked with Chicagoans in over 40 residential buildings (13,000 units) collecting themed donation throughout the year for area non-profits.

Through our residential building drives we target specific items at different times of the year.  For example, first quarter we may collect books, pet and baby supplies, in the summer we collect school supplies, in the later part of the year we collect winter coats/accessories and holiday toys.

Program highlights-

A barrel is placed in a high traffic common area. The donation drive and items requested is clearly indicated on and near the bin. Each barrel is on site for approximately 2-3 weeks.

Why should your residential building partner with us?

Most area residents like to donate or give away unused items during specific times of the year anyways, for example- after spring-cleaning, before the school year or during the holiday season. Bin Donated channels these donations through appropriate drives to impact local non-profits.

This initiative supports sustainability efforts, reduces wastage and helps local communities- a triple bottom line model. Portrays a powerful community message and distinguishes your facility as truly conscious and community focused.


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