Corporate Program

Bin Donated engages with companies, large and small to assist and execute collection drives at their office locations. We have conducted single office drives to drives in over 150 bank branches.  

The companies can select whichever item(s) they would like to collect as well as the non-profit(s) they would like the items to benefit.  Alternatively, we can collect and distribute to Bin Donated’s existing non-profit partners.  

These drives help foster employee engagement, community involvement as well as supports the green/sustainability efforts.

These drives provide unique opportunities to form strategic partnerships with non-profits, foster collaborations in community development and provide employee and customer engagement opportunities.

Triple-Bottom Model helps Impact Cause Marketing

Through a triple bottom line model, Bin Donated has created a clear cause marketing opportunity for companies.  Your company brand can be associated with clever and responsible recycle for reuse waste management and community betterment initiatives.

Read about the impact we have made through our programs.

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